"The Piano Concerto by György Ligeti, played with astonishing virtuosity, and brilliant digital and rhythmic adroitness by Nicolas Hodges …"

The Sydney Morning Herald

An active repertoire that encompasses such composers as Beethoven, Berg, Brahms, Debussy, Schubert and Stravinsky reinforces pianist Nicolas Hodges’ special prowess in contemporary music. As Tempo magazine has written: “Hodges is a refreshing artist; he plays the classics as if they were written yesterday, and what was written yesterday as if it were already a classic.”

Born in London and now based in Germany, where he is a professor at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart, Hodges approaches the works of Classical, Romantic, 20th century and contemporary composers with the same questing spirit, leading the Guardian to comment that: “Hodges' recitals always boldly go where few other pianists dare ... with an energy that sometimes defies belief.”

Posted: Mar-13-2017
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"flabbergasting technique and instantly engaging musicality"

Posted: Apr-8-2018
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Voces abandonadas (nach Antonio Porchia, 2005/06) 38:36

1 Primera serie. Für Helmut Lachenmann zum 70sten (2005)

2 Segunda serie. Für Morton Feldman zum 80sten (2006)

3 The missing nail at the river (2003/04) for piano and toy-piano 5:37

4 Blaupause (2003) 4:44

5 Blueprint (2004) 5:25

6 Romanska Bågar (2004) for piano (left hand) 4:29

AIMIDE (2001/02)

7 Cura ca. 7:13

8 Fuga ca. 4:33

9 Svara ca. 4:04

Total time: 75:00

Recorded 24-26 February 2009, WDR Funkhaus, Köln, in the presence of the composer.

All first recordings apart from “The missing nail at the river”.


Posted: Oct-7-2016
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"...To listen to this music, in Karttunen and Hodges’ eloquent, sure-handed rendition, was to feel a constant combination of surprise and confidence — every moment of the piece seemed new and unexpected, and yet it all made glorious sense..."

— SFGate
Posted: Nov-14-2017
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Posted: Mar-13-2017