Kiyotaka Saito

      "Cue the moments when the orchestra became tacit, and these were open season for Ozone. Purists might not take to his going off on a tangent, introducing new material and extemporising on it, but this was the true essence of jazz. He did so with such panache that it was difficult to dislike, and one often wondered when the orchestra would get its look in. Somehow with all the modulations, wheeling and dealing, he and conductor Tan managed to get the band to rejoin, and then it was off to the next adventure."

Chang Tou Liang, The Straits Times


Brought up in a musically rich environment, Makoto Ozone taught himself organ at a very young age. He first appeared on TV at the age of six and performed regularly on Osaka Mainichi Broadcasting. Ozone turned his attention towards jazz piano at the age of twelve, after attending an Oscar Peterson concert. He moved to the United States in 1980 to study jazz composition and arranging at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 1983, Ozone graduated at the top of his class and gave a solo recital at Carnegie Hall. He became the first Japanese musician to sign an exclusive contract with CBS.

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