Wu Man: Our World in Song
Label: CD Baby
Released: September 4, 2014

Music is a narrative of personal and cultural identity. Its universal messages date back generations and tell of experiences quite different from our modernized, amenity-filled inhabitance. Songs were conceived and shared by pioneers who chronicled everyday life, its celebrations, and its struggles. Of these, the most memorable became tradition.
Many tunes are anonymous in provenance. Some evolved geographically as well as lyrically, and can be traced to the movements of settlers across seas and continents. Others remain close to home, proudly embraced as unofficial anthems. They are familiar melodies that will continue to endure as long as we do our part to perpetuate them.
This album of newly recorded adaptations is inspired by our influences as worldwide wanderers. To further illustrate this genre- and culture-crossing phenomenon, these long-standing and revered folk songs are performed on instruments from the four corners of the earth. Intangible, yet qualifiable to be called our own, they are treasures that link the past to our present, each other, and posterity

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