February 27, 2018
Orli Shaham with Bangor Symphony
Christian Steiner

By Arnold Berleant, February 26, 2018, The Ellswroth American

Orchestra, pianist shine in concert

[...] Béla Bartók’s Third Piano Concerto, one of the great works of the modern piano repertory, came next. The last work Bartók lived to complete, it is both the culmination of his musical development and, in its relative simplicity, a distillation of the musical achievement of a lifetime. It was sensitively performed by Orli Shaham with poetic grace or rhythmic forcefulness, as the music demanded. The performance displayed perfect rapport between soloist and orchestra, bringing out the exceptional lyricism of the first two movements and the dynamic intensity of the finale. The audience responded enthusiastically, encouraging Shaham to offer as an encore a lyrical setting of a Bach Prelude by Siloti, another unusual work played with disarming simplicity. [...]

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